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34, Woman
Boise, ID, United States

Personal Information

I'm a leader not a follower. I never let anyone or anything bring me down. Life is full of temptationz and its our responsibilities to make the right choices. I make everyday day the best it can be and always think positive. I keep my head up as high as can be and I never look back. I have many goals and no rushing in anything. I love my life! I have a great family who are always there when I need them most. I'm a very honest, caring, warm hearted, great person and god has blessed me with wonderful things because of it. Everything happens for a reason and I beleive my future will be bright. People tend to complain of the littlest things when all I have done is made the best of it. You have to take it that way if not it only gets worse. I have faith in god and I know he has faith in me.  

I am seeking:
5' 3"
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Body Type:
Medical (Nursing/Physician)